Ear Seed Kit

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the ear is a microsystem of your whole body with hundreds of acupressure points ready to transform body +  mind. Ear seeds are tiny beads placed on one of your ear's acupressure points to treat insomnia, stress, digestion disturbances and more. An easy and needle-free way to empower your health daily. Use the included tweezers to place the 24-karat gold-plated seeds on the ear according to your personal wellness needs. Press gently to secure seed to ear. Press seed throughout course of wearing them for an extra boost / activation. Remove after 3-5 days.

Kit Includes:
20 Gold Ear Seeds*
20 Swarovski Crystal Ear Seeds* 
Gold WTHN tweezers
A “How To” Map of 10 points to apply the seeds 
*Seeds are on 24k gold plated pellets on stainless steel base

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